Credo reference



Our musical confession is the realistic expression of the sound, and the appealing elegance of the Credo reference loudspeakers.

A selection of finest components like the Illuminator driver from Scan Speak, premium air coils, finest foil capacitors from Intertechnik and WBT binding posts combined with the knowledge of loudspeaker designing for more the 3 decades built a product for the highest demand of music lovers.

The basic of the reference concept is the monitor speaker “Credo Primus“ which can be completed by the woofer module “Credo Optimus”. The Credo Reference is a two cabinets floorstandig speaker showing no compromise in technology and sound.

Optional :
A digital sound processor (DSP) powered by an 250W amplifier in an external box which gives professional options for a room and sound adjustment of the Credo Optimus woofer unit.
The activation of the Credo Reference woofer unit allows an optimized adaptation of the low frequency to the listening room and the specific characteristics of the listening situation. Therefore Phonar designed a special high end amplifier unit: The "DSP Active" unit is a stereo power amplifier and a digital filter unit in one box. The control of the Woofer unit can be done by four standard setups or a free programmable filter, which is based on a digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP-filter works with a Sigma Delta AD processor of the latest generation.


Finish: black piano lacquer, silver, white as well as
Makassar ebony wood and Zebrano.


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