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The company Phonar Akustik GmbH is based in a small town called Tarp in the very north of Germany very close to the Danish border. It is our highest task to create, produce and market highly valuable, but still affordable hifi products for a wide group of music lovers.


The story of success of our hifi manufacture began in 1976 with the foundation of Scan Akustik by Klaus Henningsen. After having limited itself at the beginning to the import of Danish hifi speakers, in 1978 the first own products for well known OEM customers left the production department.


In order to get independence of a small number of big customers, Klaus Henningsen founded in 1983 the new company “Phonar Akustik GmbH”. Since then highly valuable loudspeakers of own development are manufactured under the name of PHONAR.


In 1998 Klaus Henningsen passed the management of the company to his son Kai Henningsen who joined the company after his studies of business management. Phonar has been able to remarkably increase it’s market shares over the last few years. A large number of fantastic reviews recommend Phonar loudspeakers not only in Germany but in a lot of countries all over the world.



Location Phonar Akustik GmbH at Tarp


In 2005 Phonar became in charge of the distribution of the American hifi electronic and turntable brand Music Hall for Europe. Music Hall products fit perfect to the Phonar loudspeakers and has been successfully launched in many European countries very fast.


Today Phonar serves about 150 authorised hifi dealers in Germany only and cooperate with qualified distributors all over the world.