Match Air

Smart HD-Audio von Phonar

A modern audio system reduces the collection of audio equipment to the essentials and opens up new possibilities for sound quality, variety of music and ease of use. The Match Air products provide a fascinating sound experience of perfect, near lossless music transmission in a quality and precision far superior to passive speaker technology. Existing audio sources as well as new music sources from the internet can be integrated.

Match Air

The Match Air technology includes a transmitter (HUB) with many connectivity options as well as an Internet streaming function and at least one pair of active speakers including a signal receiver unit.
Discover the unlimited possibilities of a new technology.

  Special Features:
• Integrated DSP / amplifier unit (PowerDac) with up to 60-bit processing width
• Interference-free isolated high-resolution radio transmission in 24bit / 96KHz
• Multi-room sound reinforcement
• Comprehensive connection options
• App controlled streaming services like Tidal, Qbozz, Spotify
• Comfortable remote control
• Bluetooth aptX signal transmission
• Predefined sound options

Match Air Speakers

No music information should be lost:

Active speakers, equipped with the latest digital technology in the area of amplification, conversion (up to 60-bit) and filter technology impressively improve the sound result and the possibilities to actively adapt the sound to room conditions or personal preferences.

A range of sound customization perfects the result:

The system also works as a tone control and stores 7 sound settings that can be selected according to personal preference or room acoustics.

No cable connections to the speaker is required:

Wireless technology in a high-resolution transmission quality banishes the cables to the speakers in the living room and allows flexibility in installation and a wireless extension of music use across multiple rooms.

Platin HUB

The hub is a radio transmitter, control center and streamer in a small unit. He creates the interfaces to desired device sources, the TV or the Internet. A Wi-Fi connection ensures access to streaming providers such as Spotify, Tidal or Qbozz. It is easy to use via the respective apps of the streaming provider.

Platin HUB

Wireless signal transmission

It transmits high-resolution audio signals in 24-bit / 96 kHz radio technology to the Phonar Match-Air speakers. This connection is a closed transmission that works autonomously and without external interference.

Modern preamplifier

The Phonar HUB offers various types of connectivity options: individual hi-fi components, televisions or computers can be connected to the HUB. The Phonar HUB is also equipped with a Bluetooth aptX (24 bit / 96 kHz) input. With your smartphone or tablet, you can transfer music to the HUB, which sends the data uncompressed to the match-air speakers. The remote control allows you to change sources or volume levels.

Streaming function

A wireless connection to the router connects the hub to the Internet. The music services app makes it easy to conveniently use streaming features from Spotify, Tidal or Qbozz.

Communication standard

All Phonar Match Air products use WiSA communication technology to transmit the signal from the HUB to the speakers. WiSA has a high transmission quality (24 bit / 96 kHz).
Brands like Bang & Olufson, Paradigm, Primare and many others use WiSA technology, which means compatibility with Phonar Match-Air loudspeakers.

Platin HUB Anscklüsse


• 3 x optical inputs
• 1 x coax
• 1 x AUX mini jack
• 1 x coax RCA
• USB Audio
• Bluetooth aptX
• Airplay
• Chromecast
• Spotify Connect

HUB remote

Remote control

The elegant wireless remote control is ergonomically shaped, easy to use and includes all the essential functions of the hub.

Match Air Models

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Match Air Models: m4 | p4 | p6 | p9 | p10
Match Air m4 p4 p6 p9 p10
Construction 2 Ways Bassreflex 3 Ways Bassreflex 3 Ways Bassreflex 3 Ways Bassreflex 3 Ways Bassreflex
Bass 160 mm 130 mm 160 mm 2 x 160 mm 2 x 210 mm
Deep-Midrange - 130 mm 130 mm 2 x 130 mm 2 x 130 mm
Tweeter Ring Radiator 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm
Available power 160 W 240 W 240 W 320 W 320 W
Weight 13 kg 22 kg 27 kg 35 kg 42 kg
Dimensions HxWxD(cm) 34 x 20 x 28 93 x 19 x 30 100 x 20 x 32 114 x 21 x 30 140 x 26 x 37